About us

We are small developer studio, which counts 4 people. Our aim is to create good design and good software for our customers. Also we would like to share our experience with all beginners and senior designers and programmers. The oksima.biz site is created for those purposes.

All people are welcome to publish their own articles here. We will be thankful for any information about design or programming which you will send to us.

Also, for those who wants to see our works we advise to visit following sites:

Full source e-library – this progect was payed by USAID
Journalist site – this is site of the economist AG journalist group
E-shop – e-shop where we sell our products.
Serbian site – serbian site deticated to mp3s, music and general communications.
Template designed site – template designed site of VerdineServices company.
Writer’s site – a site, dedicated to ukrainian writer Ulas Samchuk.
Intellectual club – Site based on Mambo (we developed tempalte for it).
Avertizing site – Developed to use banner advertizing in software.

Also we develope Java based software, which can not be published in the Internet like web pages. For example, we developed the core for agent-based server of the job search. The site is http://www.dcz.gov.ua/control – it is the state job search server.

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