Fresh look at site design.

The designers think first of all about good-looking, pretty pages. But have you ever thought about design from the point of promotion? How does design influence on web popularity?
It is really very important. You can have a good-looking site, but what is a profit if people do not know about it?

Here are some advices how to combine design and promotion.
1 – do not use Flash intos and Flash-written sites. The search engines look for plain text, they cannot recognize what is flash movie about.

2 – frames. You should only really use frames if you honestly feel they will improve your site. If, for example, you intend to use frames for navigation, then why not think about using a navigation bar instead. If you decided to use frames, provide also non-frame version.

3 – META tags. Do not forget to write meta-tags. You write the site not only for people, but for machines also. If you wish to have visitors, you should write machine-friendly site. So use different META keywords and META title on the pages of your site. Very important: those tags should reflect the content of the page. Very good if they repeat several times on the page.

4 – Page names. Give the names to your site pages like the keywords. That also helps to boost rankings.

5 – Images. Try not to use much graphics on the pages, but if you use it, do not forget about ALT tag. Write there your keywords.

6 – Keep Outgoing Links Off Of Your Page To a Minimum. Here’s why: You want the search engine spiders to follow all the links on your homepage that lead to other pages within your site. The idea being that your entire site gets indexed and listed. However some people mistakenly put links that lead outside of their site on their main page. The danger here is that the search engine spider will hit one of these external outgoing links and leave your site before it’s finished indexing your complete web.

7 – Place style sheet and java script code in an external file and NOT on your actual web page. The less code that precedes the main body text of your page containing your keyword phrases the better.

8 – Test your site look in different browsers. You may see there some mistake.

And the most important thing – to attract visitors you should provide them really important and useful information. They do not look for good design (but this is important to), they need information. Give it and they will come back!
Good luck!

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