Ways to set links to your site.

Links lead to clicks onto your website and help to improve your search engine rankings. So, it is very important to have links on the other sites. But what if you do not wish, on the other turn, to set links of the other pages on your web site? Is there any way to do so?
First of all you can buy links. But you are dependant on those site owners…
There still is another, better, way. Set fake referrals. Why fake? Because you do not need to set any links on your web site. But you can set fake links and your site will be visible as referral on the other sites. You know, there are many sites that publish there referrals. And the link to your own site will be published there many times.

So, how to set those fake referrals? Very easy – using Oksima’s product ‘Fake Referrals’. This software allows to set your pages’ URL, find URL of the sites which publish referrals and set those referrals. Just in one click. Very easy. And quick. And workable. There is also a schedule, which can start program automatically and regularly set referrals (fake referrals).

So, visit, please http://nezabudka.oksima.biz for more information. Or contact us at support@oksima.biz.

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